Orlando Home Inspectors

JVC Home Inspectors has 15 years as certified inspectors and a proven track record of helping homeowners and real estate professionals protect their interests and investments.

We also provide other services as Infrared or thermal camera, Commercial and residential, pest and termite control, commercial appraisals, wind mitigation services. Call the best  in town  today! 407-485-8659

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Orlando Home InspectorOrlando Home InspectorOrlando Home Inspector

HOME INSPECTIONS Discover the condition before you buy. We will inspect the roof, heating system, air-conditioning system, structure, plumbing, electrical, water heater, and many other features. We will search for improper building practices, anything that might require extensive repairs, any general maintenance issues, as well as fire and safety issues.

Orlando Commercial InspectorOrlando Commercial InspectorOrlando Commercial Inspector

COMMERCIAL PROPERTY INSPECTIONS We provide clients with narrative reports that are professionally written andCommercial Property Condition Assessments that include pictures and estimates for any structural defects that are found during our inspection. After this initial evaluation you will be able to make an informed decision of whether you want to continue your pursuit of the property.


4 POINT INSPECTION  Normally, Subterranean are found at or near ground level. However, in warmer areas of the country such as Florida, they occasionally occur above the first floor level. Since the currently available chemical barrier pesticides are very short lived, in some cases, no more than 3-5 years, it is important to check for potential problems.


WIND MITIGATION INSPECTIONS Guaranteed to Save You Money on Your Insurance! Wind damage can be devastating. The purpose is to determine the appropriateness of a given structure’s construction in the event of strong wind, such as present in a hurricane, common in the coastal areas of the Southeastern United States.


APPRAISAL SERVICE ORLANDO  We provide appraisals for most any need. Many clients rely upon us for providing an opinion of value for selling purposes. We also provide an overview of the selling market. We guarantee reliable pricing and marketability data. We are also available for commercial property appraisals.


INFRARED INSPECTIONS And Imaging Is a Diagnostic Service That Uses Thermal Imaging To Locate Potential ProblemsWe are a full service infrared imaging company. we can provide you with a thermographic inspection survey at your home or facility. We pride ourselves in finding problems before they find you!

JVC Inspectors were extremely professional. This was a big decision and they made it smoother than we could have imagined–Fred Marksmen,

Hello Christian, I just wanted to thank you again for the inspection. I appreciate the thoroughness and the quality of your work. Thanks again, and if I ever need another inspection you will be the first I call.–John Marks

Hello Christian, I just wanted to thank you. Wind Mitigation Inspection save us 35% on our insurance!–Alison Gribbin