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Clermont Home Inspections

Clermont Home Inspections

JVC Clermont Home Inspections as well as all the locations we serve, our general home inspection begins by examining the outside of your home. We will inspect the stucco, siding, windows and doors, driveways, sidewalks and drainage issues.

We will also examine the roof’s condition for any defects and deficiencies  and  professionally document all of our findings in writing with full-color photographs.

We will visually evaluate the condition of the homes rain gutter system or lack of rain gutters and report on those results. The interior of the home will be completely inspected, including walls, floors, ceiling, interior doors and finishes.

The attic and crawlspaces will be extensively inspected. All of the homes operating systems will be thoroughly investigated and tested, including the plumbing, electrical, heating and air-conditioning as well as examination of all the homes safety devices such as smoke detectors and AFCI & GFCI outlets

Every toilet, sink, shower and tub will be tested for operation, leaks and drain quality. Your kitchen appliances will be tested and evaluated for condition, cleanliness and operation.

We can also perform a sewer line inspection at your request for an additional fee to identify defects and deficiencies that might be concealed underground.

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Clermont Home Inspection

Our home inspections staff will make sure all fire alarms in the home are working properly.

Clermont  Home Inspections

JVC Home Inspections is here to make sure your home is safe.